RiverparkPC’s virus removal services will solve any combination of adware/spyware symptoms you may be experiencing.


Symptoms consistent with adware/spyware problems:

  • Annoying pop-up ads that drive you insane.
  • Email filled with spam from people you have never done business with.
  • Internet browser keeps launching websites that your not visiting on your own.
  • Your computer has slowed down to a crawl.
  • Your system freezes up requiring multiple reboots just to get any work done.


More severe symptoms may include the following:

  • Continuous virus warnings.
  • Emails keep getting returned.
  • Noises, Bells, and Whistles: Trojans have been known to open and close CD drive trays.
  • Unknown Icons in your system tray.
  • Offline symptoms may also include keyloggers which capture user names and passwords.


A virus or malware infection can cause numerous problems on your PC. This can include anything from a slow computer to having your online banking credentials stolen. A virus infection can manifest in many different ways. You may have numerous pop-ups or notice unfamiliar programs. Your files may be missing or you may notice that your PC isn’t performing like it should. To find and remove viruses, you can choose one of three options. First, you can bring the computer to our location to be scanned for active malware and PC errors. We can also initiate a remote connection by downloading TeamViewer to your PC, and connecting you to a qualified technician who will detect and remove malware running in Active Processes, ensuring a stable and responsive PC. Lastly, if bringing in the computer is burdensome and your internet doesn’t allow for a remote connection, we can always schedule a qualified technician to meet you at your home or business to remove all forms of viruses inhibiting your system from its top performance.

System refresh

A complete reinstall of your Windows operating system, ie: windows 7 to Windows 10,

backup & restore of your documents, & email.

Done at our base, usually 24hr turnaround

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